USHBC Hosts Viewing Party for New Grab a Boost of Blue Consumer Video Ads

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USHBC Hosts Viewing Party for New Grab a Boost of Blue Consumer Video Ads

Last week, USHBC Vice President of Marketing and Communications Jennifer Sparks hosted a viewing party with Grab a Boost of Blue licensees to launch a series of video ads directed at consumers. Sparks was joined during the event by USHBC Promotion Committee Chair Jeff Malensky and Paul Brink, creative director for USHBC’s agency partner Padilla. The viewing party introduced the new ads and provided a behind-the-scenes look into the creative direction and process of producing them.  

“Grab A Boost of Blue is not a one-off campaign,” Sparks said during the event. “It’s [USHBC’s] overall umbrella strategy to promote the health benefits of blueberries and also the ease, convenience and deliciousness.

“We’re working hard to showcase blueberries as versatile and desired all throughout the day — from breakfast, lunch, dinner, cocktails and every snack in between — getting consumers inspired to think about and use blueberries in new and different ways to make them part of their everyday diet.” 

Check out our blog to view the ads and learn more about the inspiration for each one. You can also watch the full viewing party here.

We encourage all blueberry marketers to become a champion of our program by signing our Grab a Boost of Blue license agreement here. Together, we’ll inspire the world to experience, delight in and share the benefits of blueberries!

These ads are just a sampling of resources in the full Grab a Boost of Blue campaign. To view more resources, visit the USHBC Grab a Boost of Blue Toolkit Hub. The hub includes tools and advice to help you leverage USHBC’s national consumer promotion program and drive year-round sales. Industry stakeholders have full access to the ready-to-use materials and resources for advertising, point-of-sale materials, social media, public relations and packaging.

Best Practices Safety Resources

USHBC continues to support the blueberry industry with resources and information for working safely in 2021. Get the information you need on our Safety Resources page, which includes printable flyers in English and Spanish compiled based on guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and other leading authorities.

The flyers include:

View all of the USHBC Safety Resources here

Happy National Blueberry Pie Day!

Happy National Blueberry Pie Day from USHBC! As we inch closer to the peak domestic season, National Blueberry Pie Day — which is celebrated on April 28 of each year — provides another reminder of the joy, versatility and excitement blueberries can bring to families everywhere. 

As part of today’s pie day celebration, USHBC created a consumer newsletter and blog post sharing the recipes that were sent in by industry stakeholders and reminding consumers of the upcoming U-pick opportunities in their state. Thank you to those who participated!

Read the full blog post and selected recipes here.