The blueberry industry has been built through collaboration. As we move into a new era of innovation, collaboration remains critical for growing the value of blueberries and selling more of them around the world.


Our Mission

To grow consumer demand for blueberries by uniting industry stakeholders through research, promotions and resources that strengthen their ability to compete in the global marketplace.

Our Vision

Be the global leader in knowledge, programs and content used by the industry to grow the value of blueberries. Empower the industry to make blueberries the world’s favorite fruit.

2021-2025 Strategic Plan

In a short amount of time, blueberries have been elevated from the rest of the berry patch as a beloved and worldwide symbol of wellness. It’s up to the entire industry to keep the momentum moving forward. USHBC’s 2021-2025 Strategic Plan is the result of our most comprehensive planning process to-date, informed by significant input from the stakeholders at the heart of the blueberry industry.

View the Strategic Plan, including a one-pager version, below:

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As a grower-driven organization, together we are investing in: 

  • Collaboration to benefit all value-chain partners
  • Data and measurement to ensure impact and inform strategy
  • Educational resources to share knowledge
  • Innovation to drive our next phase of growth and create new opportunities
  • Health research to provide content that drives value

“Blueberries are a great product, but you’ve gotta do the work and build the body of science.”

Dave Brazelton

Executive Chairman of Fall Creek Farm and Nursery, Chairman of USHBC Health Research Committee