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Put USHBC Blueberry Sales and Pricing Data to Work for Your Business

USHBC has made significant investment in human resources and technology to improve the quality of and access to real time blueberry production and pricing data.

The BerrySmart Insights platform is supported by blueberry industry growers and marketers that provide access to their production, sales and pricing data. This data is aggregated and anonymized in real time to provide an up-to-date benchmark of the fresh blueberry market in the United States. Contributing growers and marketers are using BerrySmart Insights to compare their performance and inform their marketing and pricing efforts.

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You have a business to run, and the best business decisions are data-driven. At USHBC, we have access to blueberry production and market information all around the world. We help convert that information to relevant data points and actionable insights for your business.

Grocery Retail Sales Reports

Take a deep dive into the berry and blueberry category with volume and pricing data and trends.

Category Monthly Retail Sales Reports – NOW AVAILABLE!

Category retail sales data measures U.S. consumer blueberry and competitive berry purchases on a regular basis. 

Quarterly Retail Sales Reports- NOW AVAILABLE

Quarterly Retail Reports 

Comprehensive quarterly reports on the retail volume sales of blueberries, covering both fresh and frozen segments.

Blueberry Industry Economic Impact Study

The blueberry industry is responsible for creating and sustaining more than 44,535 full-time equivalent jobs each year and generating $4.7 billion in total economic impact. The comprehensive findings include both national and state-specific data.

National Economic Impact Study

The work of the blueberry industry contributes significantly to the U.S. national economy in many ways: labor income, number of jobs, acreage footprint and more.

State-Level Economic Impact Data

State-level data is available for the top U.S. blueberry growing regions: California, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, New Jersey, North Carolina, Oregon and Washington.

USHBC Impact Reports

Research demonstrating the value of USHBC and our efforts that drive demand for blueberries worldwide.

USHBC Program Impact Report

This comprehensive resource details USHBC’s programs over the past few years on driving blueberry demand and domestic household penetration.

Economic Analysis of USHBC Value

An independent study, conducted by Harry M. Kaiser of Cornell University, evaluated domestic market impacts of the USHBC’s promotions programs.

Why USHBC Matters to the Future of the Industry

This fact sheet features many stats demonstrating the impact of USHBC driving blueberry demand and industry growth over the last two decades.

Consumer and Shopper Insights

USHBC’s programming is directly informed by feedback from real consumers. Learn more about what we’ve gathered to boost your own marketing efforts.

Grab a Boost of Blue Testing

Research shows that Grab a Boost of Blue resonates with shoppers and blueberries drive the bottom line.

Consumer Usage and Attitude Survey

A deeper dive into what motivates our consumer target audience.

Foodservice Insights

Get an inside look at the data informing how we’re driving more blueberry volume through foodservice channels.

Patron Demand Study

We surveyed 1000+ consumers to get a better understanding of how they want to see blueberries menued across all types of restaurants.

Volumetric Assessment of Blueberries in Foodservice

Volume data on the blueberry market in foodservice, evaluating whole fresh, frozen, canned and dehydrated.

Dataessential Report on Blueberry Usage on Menus

An assessment of fruit, berries and blueberry usage usage on menus in restaurants, QSR and casual segments.

Grower and Industry Stakeholder Research

Research and survey data gathered about and from growers can help us learn how to best collaborate to move our industry forward.

Technology & Innovation Research

This survey explores leading technologies that can address real challenges faced by growers.

“Information is king. Real numbers, that you can trust, truly drive decision-making. ”

Brian Bocock

Michigan blueberry grower and vice president of sales at Naturipe Farms