The Business of Blueberries

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Tune in to hear insightful discussions on relevant information about the markets, research and technology related to blueberry production. Each episode also features voices of fellow growers and industry stakeholders giving a crop report, updating on crop progress, harvest expectations and market conditions.

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Episode 46

A Big Year for Blueberries

With the 2021 domestic blueberry crop projected to be one of the largest on record, it’s time for growers and marketers across the country to get creative in moving blueberries. On today’s episode, we chat with a blueberry marketer and a produce data expert to assess the 2021 blueberry crop and ways for the industry…

May 6, 2021


Episode 45

Creating the Blueberry Blueprint With David Rockland

Meeting with and interviewing stakeholders to take the pulse of an industry is critical to any business sector or organization. To achieve this for the blueberry industry, USBHC contracted with public relations veteran David Rockland. In this episode of the “Business of Blueberries” we have a conversation with Rockland about his communications philosophy, insights from…

April 29, 2021


Episode 44

The Smart Orchard – Potential for Blueberries?

While any blueberry grower knows orchards aren’t synonymous with blueberries, there are key similarities between fruit grown in orchards and highbush blueberries. With that in mind, the innovations happening in orchards can potentially have implications for blueberry cultivation. Today, we talk to two experts about the collaborative “Smart Orchard” project taking place in the Pacific…

April 22, 2021


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Each week, USHBC/NABC President Kasey Cronquist sits down with leaders from throughout the blueberry industry to discuss markets, management, research, and the future of blueberries. Rod Cook, longtime industry veteran and chair of the Blueberry Technology and Innovation Committee, co-hosts the show on episodes that explore technology and innovation.