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The success of the blueberry industry hinges on the successes of each individual grower. USHBC works on behalf of blueberry growers to keep the industry collaborating, and to share resources for success.



As a blueberry grower, we know you are making numerous decisions every day. We do our part to make sure those decisions are data-driven. Visit our Data and Insights Center for information on production and markets. 


Innovation will continue to propel our industry forward. This starts with improved genetics, but also includes areas such as advancements in machinery, precision agriculture, robotics, artificial intelligence, and more. Subscribe to our podcast and review the latest research for updates and trends.



USHBC has cutting-edge marketing programs to drive demand for blueberries. Capitalize on our Grab A Boost of Blue program and the free resources you can use to boost your own marketing.   



You are the expert at growing blueberries on your farm. Our role is to gather and share resources from researchers and growers like you on topics such as labor, food safety, sustainable practices, horticultural systems, and more.

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