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Use our free promotional resources to amplify our campaign messages and promote your own blueberries with consumers, nutrition and health professionals, foodservice pros, retailers and food manufacturers.


Driving Demand

Our new health-forward consumer promotion national campaign, Grab a Boost of Blue, is designed to inspire and drive demand for blueberries — getting them onto shopping lists and into carts.  After exposure to the concept, U.S. food shoppers significantly increased their purchase intent for both fresh and frozen blueberries! 

87% of consumers indicated they would definitely or probably purchase fresh blueberries on their next grocery trip.

Consumer Marketing and Promotions

Promoting blueberries is good business for all of us. Learn more about Grab a Boost of Blue and how you can be a part of it or use it to boost your own efforts.  Our free toolkits and marketing resources feature recipes, photos, videos and tips to social media posts to promote blueberries to consumers!

Explore the blueberry content and resources we’ve created specifically for blueberry lovers on our consumer-facing website, A new consumer site is coming this spring!

Nutrition and Health Professionals

USHBC works with experts to develop science-based resources so health professionals can understand the latest blueberry research and educate the public on how blueberries can boost healthy eating.  Key areas for published and emerging blueberry research include heart health, brain health, diabetes and healthy lifestyles.

Discover the latest in blueberry health research and free nutrition education tools and resources to use in your own nutrition communications.


We’re working hard to inspire more innovation with blueberries and drive volume in restaurants and other foodservice venues. 

See what resources we have available and use them to enhance your own outreach to grow sales of blueberries in these channels.  


USHBC is partnering year-round with marketers and retailers to promote blueberries with both brick-and-mortar and online retailers.     

We’ve got data and insights to help you understand the blueberry market in-store and online, and promotional resources to help move blueberries onto more lists and into more carts.    

Food Manufacturing

USHBC is inspiring the use of blueberry ingredients in prepared foods and beverages around the world with proactive campaigns and resources to help drive sales.  

Find data and insights that show the biggest trends and opportunity areas for new blueberry products, technical assistance and supplier lists for blueberry ingredient solutions, and more food manufacturer resources.

“Blueberries are in the sweet spot of where consumers want to be.”

Soren Bjorn

President of Driscoll’s of the Americas

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