Industry Stakeholders Champion New USHBC ‘Grab a Boost of Blue’ Strategic Positioning

Grab a Boost of Blue, USHBC’s strategic positioning and consumer call to action, inspires and drives demand for blueberries through a comprehensive marketing campaign singularly focused on getting blueberries onto shopping lists and into grocery carts. The program was launched along with an industry resource hub packed with tools, assets and ideas for stakeholders throughout the chain to leverage and share for promotional purposes across retail, social, print and digital channels. 

Since the start of the program, many partners have stepped up as champions of Grab a Boost of Blue. “I was truly very excited to see the marketing program push for blueberries. I have been grabbing other blueberry posts and creating my own for several years, and it was great to see the USHBC help out farmers with their one-stop marketing site,” said John Allison of Allison Acres Organic Blueberry Farm & More in Pinetta, Florida. “I hope we keep up this momentum for many years.” 

We’re grateful to all these important industry players that help us enhance USHBC’s national consumer marketing and promotion programs to take Grab a Boost of Blue to the next level. 

We look forward to seeing even more use and inspiration as the next power period approaches – June is Brain Health Month!

Here are some examples of the latest use of the Grab a Boost of Blue logo and messaging to inspire you to leverage this collective industry initiative to turn blueberry consumers into blueberry enthusiasts:

Scenic Fruit Company has used the Grab a Boost of Blue logo in delicious blueberry content across social platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Fruits from Chile used a social media asset from our Heart Health Month Toolkit, while California Giant Berry Farm recently featured a Grab a Boost of Blue health research asset to remind its consumer audiences about the nutritional benefits of blueberries!

For another great example of Grab a Boost of Blue taking up digital real estate, Naturipe features the logo and call to action along with one of our blueberry beauty shots on their website.

Blueberry processor Stiebs also featured Grab a Boost of Blue in a “Harvest Update” newsletter, reminding its food manufacturer audience that a boost of blueberry health benefits can come in many forms, including real blueberry juice and puree.

Grab a Boost of Blue is grabbing eyeballs in print and at point of sale, too. East West Label Company and the New Jersey Department of Agriculture/Blueberries from New Jersey partnered to create a label that includes the consumer call to action right on the package. The Grab a Boost of Blue logo is also being included in print advertisements for “Jersey Fresh” in The Packer and Produce Business.

New Jerseyans can also expect to see Grab a Boost of Blue on one of four rotating billboards this summer, along with messaging, recipes and videos across social media platforms throughout the New Jersey growing season!

Explore the Grab a Boost of Blue Industry Resource Hub to find all these tools and more, including advice to best leverage the national campaign and drive sales year-round. Check out even more participating marketers and stakeholders on our website, sign up to become a participant if you haven’t already, and let us know what you plan to do to help consumers Grab a Boost of Blue. We would love to recognize your marketing to the industry.