Turnkey Content

No matter what season or time of year, USHBC has ready-to-download Grab a Boost of Blue turnkey content to support your marketing efforts. We’ve made it easy to promote blueberries with dozens of enticing images, resources, recipes, ads, social posts and QR codes.


Digital Shelf & eCommerce Assets

Increase the likelihood of purchase on eCommerce sites with these enhanced promotional images, available with and without the Grab a Boost of Blue logo which have proven sales-driving power. All assets are designed for use by any industry or retailer to complement and enhance brand marketing.

Fresh Digital Shelf Images

Grab a Boost of Blue Branded in Package

Unbranded in Package

Out of Package

Frozen Digital Shelf Images

Grab a Boost of Blue Branded in Package

Unbranded in Package

Out of Package

Digital Shelf & eCommerce Tip Sheets

Recipe Content

Recipes are a critical marketing tool for inspiring sales. Use the carousel to browse a wide range of recipes we’re using to grab attention and encourage blueberry purchases from morning to night. Immediately below, download the recipe images and 5”x7” cards that correspond to the featured recipes. 

Social Media Content

Amplify your impact with our plug-and-play social posts, which you can preview below. Then, download the zip folder containing all image files (formatted as 1:1 squares perfect for Instagram and more), as well as suggested post captions you can use as is or modify to fit your own online voice. Want to leverage USHBC’s post activity? Find us @blueberries on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter as well as @blueberrycouncil on TikTok.

QR Codes

QR codes drive consumers straight to the information we want them to have, and they are used to using them to view restaurant menus, visit websites and access information. Place a QR code on in-store displays and signage, or share in your digital promotions to automatically take consumers to ideas to Grab a Boost of Blue, recipe inspiration, health benefits, and more, right at point-of-sale. Simply download the QR code to open a zip file containing the code in various formats. 

Grab a Boost of Blue Landing Page

Recipes & Ideas

Health Benefits of Blueberries

Cooking Tips

Want More?

Get Seasonal Materials

USHBC is here to help. We offer free seasonal toolkits for use during times of peak promotion ready for download on the Industry Resource Hub.

2023 Promotional Calendar

Become a Licensee

USHBC is collaborating with blueberry industry members and retail professionals like you to boost blueberry demand and sales. Join our growing list of participants for the opportunity to win big with blueberries. We can support your stores’ promotional and educational efforts. Our efforts go further when we collaborate so reach out to us at [email protected].

We Love Input!

Reach out to us at [email protected] to share your ideas and discuss options for collaborating.