Promoting Blueberries with Jeff Malensky

There’s been a lot in the news lately, and the biggest news for the blueberry industry came last week when blueberries made the leap from the kitchen to the keyboard. This is one more example of how our promotions program is elevating blueberries into the mainstream consciousness of the consumer. 

Find out what else is happening in blueberry promotions in today’s episode. Host Kasey Cronquist, USHBC/NABC president, chats with Oregon Berry Packing President and USHBC Promotions Committee Chair Jeff Malensky about the committee’s efforts to promote blueberries. 

“In this committee, we have a good semblance of what this industry is about from all walks of life. We all keep in perspective the growers (needs) in mind.” – Jeff Malensky

“You name me (another) fruit that has the combination of fresh, frozen, dried or freeze dried. I can’t name one that I’m going to eat in (all) those different formats … and blueberries, we may not be at the top of somebody’s mind in all of those formats, but we’re darn near close to the top in all of them.” – Jeff Malensky

Topics covered include: 

  • An introduction to Jeff Malensky, newly appointed chair of the USHBC Promotions Committee.
  • Malensky’s vision for the future of blueberry promotions.
  • What we can all do individually and collectively to promote blueberries more effectively.
  • The importance of bringing diverse perspectives to USHBC promotions.
  • The Grab a Boost of Blue campaign. 

Crop Report – November 11, 2020 

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Marketing Boost – Blueberry Emoji! 

Big news for the blueberry industry and the many fans of blueberries! On November 5, the new blueberry emoji hit mobile keyboards. We’ve made it easy to spread the word with a free blueberry emoji toolkit. Get yours today: