Building a Blueberry Culture that Delights Customers with Tom Avinelis

With nearly forty years of experience in agriculture, Tom Avinelis is one of the foremost experts on sustainable and organic agriculture at scale in the United States. Today, we sit down with Tom and pick his brain on growing two successful companies and leading the blueberry industry in sustainable innovation.

“Our working together is what will make us all prosperous in the long term. Togetherness needs to be our focus. ” – Tom Avinelis

Host Kasey Cronquist (president of USHBC and NABC) is joined by Tom Avinelis (Founder and Managing Partner at Agriculture Capital).

With each passing year, consumers care more about where and how their food is sourced. Tom is a leader in bringing sustainable products to the marketplace and is one of the most insightful marketing minds in the blueberry industry.

Tom is a Founder and Managing Partner at Agriculture Capital, an investment fund that invests in permanent cropland and midstream assets to create customer-driven, appropriately scaled, vertically integrated, regenerative farming enterprises to grow, pack and market high-value produce.

Prior to Agriculture Capital, Tom harnessed his expertise in table grapes, blueberries and citrus to grow a world-class marketing enterprise, HomeGrown Farms, into one of the largest organic produce marketing firms in California.

This episode features a conversation with Tom and his experience in the blueberry industry. Topics include:

  • Importance of culture across the supply chain
  • Tom’s journey to the blueberry industry
  • Transparency in the marketplace
  • Expectations for the Virtual Conference & Expo
  • Challenges of COVID-19

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