Chefs Deep Dive Into Blueberries At USHBC Culinary Event


Seven key foodservice decision makers took a three-day plunge into blueberry-infused menu crafting.

Located at the USHBC’s Blueberry Culinary Deep Dive.

Chefs representing high-volume operations joined USHBC at the Vegetable Institute in Milan, Ohio, where they were given inspiration, education and space to experiment with blueberries in the kitchen.

“It was a truly remarkable event – thank you for the inspiration, education and deepening our knowledge of the blueberries. I will never look at a blueberry the same way.”

This year’s Blueberry Culinary Deep Dive also featured a visit to Baumhart Berry Farm, a local blueberry farm. Guests had a full evening on the farm, where they met the growers, toured the grounds, tasted ripe blueberries off the bush, and then incorporated the fruit into a meal. When asked how relevant attendees found the tour to be in expanding their knowledge about blueberrie and using them on the menus, 86% ranked the harvest dinner and farm tour “extremely informative.”

Photos by Michelle Demuth-Bibb Photography.