Driving Demand with a “Bunch of Bluetiful”


In 2018, USHBC began the journey of taking blueberries to the next level with an awareness-building advertising campaign. Its goal was, and continues to be, elevating blueberries to a status beyond that which we have already established. The “Positively Bluetiful” campaign created a strong foundation for making blueberries part of the daily lives of moderate users. In order to keep consumers’ top preferred berry (USHBC 2017 U&A Study) top of shopping list and first in cart, USHBC evolved the campaign to go one step further in 2019.

Bunches of Bluetiful: A Call to Action Intended to Drive Volume

With the “Grab a Bunch of Bluetiful” campaign, we evolved our 2018 theme and messaging to pair moments of enjoying “bunches of blueberries” with moments enjoying the special “bunch” in our lives. Advertising now prompts consumers to “grab bunch of bluetiful for their bunch,” showing how blueberries make moments of togetherness even more special, thus encouraging eating occasions where more blueberries are needed. As we did in 2018, we developed an advertising plan that would allow us to reach moderate users at all points during their day, meaning their journeys from awareness, to consideration, to purchase.

To bring this idea to life, we kicked off 2019 with a year-long digital advertising campaign with USHBC ads appearing on the web, in apps and on social media. This includes:

  • Video ads and dynamic banners, placed in front of moderate users leading up to their grocery trips and on Smart TVs
  • An exciting shopping list app advertising campaign that encourages moderate users to add blueberries to their list
  • Advertising partnerships with prominent websites including Serious Eats and FoodNetwork.com
  • Paid search (e.g., Google AdWords)
  • Social media advertising across Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest

These ads are all designed to tap into moments where consumers are thinking of shopping for their bunch, and putting blueberries top of mind.

Results to Date

Campaign goals have been set based on historical data and industry standards, and results generated through June 18 are tracking to meet or exceed USHBC goals by year end.

  • Total Completed Video Views: 2.2+ million against 2019 goal of 4.9 million
  • Total Clicks: 147,425 against 2019 goal of 200,000
  • Total Social Engagements: 1.46+ million against 2019 goal of 1 million

We’re excited to share year-end results with our members to further demonstrate how USHBC is working for you, all with the goal of serving as the driving force of blueberry consumption in the U.S. In the meantime, keep up with us on FacebookTwitterInstagram andPinterest for more “Grab a Bunch of Bluetiful” content, ready for sharing.